Eleanor profile pi 2 Eleanor qualified as a nursing sister and midwife before entering the business arena in 1980. She has been married to Kevin for the last 39 years and they have two grown daughters, and 7 grandchildren.


Eleanor trained and developed entrepreneurs for 12 years in the cosmetic industry before starting Smile Education Direct Sales in 1992; a company that empowered entrepreneurs in the field of early childhood development and education. She lead and managed Smile Education – first as the Sales and Marketing Director and then as CEO for 5 years between 1996 and 2001 – growing it from a small business turning over less than R2 million per annum to one of SA top 20 non- listed companies. In her capacity as Sales Director and later MD, she developed over 4000 independent business owners to lead and manage their own Educational Toy Businesses.

In 2001 Eleanor moved into the Wellness Industry, and as the Sales and Marketing Director of Sportron International, she developed business owners to grow their own enterprises for sustainability until November 2012.


In 2012 Eleanor took on a consulting role as the Executive Mentor to The Hope Factory, an enterprise and supplier development organisation of SAICA. This role focused on developing and mentoring the new Executive team and the 18 full-time mentors.

Eleanor has been a Business Coach and Mentor for more than 20 years and today mentors and coaches Business Executives, Therapists and ‘developing’ Leaders in organizations.

Eleanor has written many articles on the mentoring and coaching process and developed a Mentors Handbook for The Hope Factory mentoring team. She has also been featured in numerous publications focused on developing and mentoring business owners and leaders for the future in Africa and beyond, and was one of only 6 women featured in the book ‘Mentors: Men and Women who follow in the Master’s footsteps’ in 2002.

Some of her current clients include Managing Directors of International Corporations, individuals in Finance, Business and General Management, Executives at NGO’s and pastors.

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